You Name the Type of Insurance You Require and We'll Get it For You.

We LISTEN to you! If you are unsure of the specific type of insurance you require, we are more than happy to meet with you, allow you to describe in general what your concerns are, and then make a recommendation as to the type or types of insurance you might take advantage of.






Personal Insurance

Home Owners Insurance

Renter's Insurance

Health Insurance



Recreational Vehicle

Life Insurance


Farm/Equine, Multi-Peril, Crop/Hail


Commercial Insurance


General Liability


Workers Compensation


Health Insurance

Home Health Care

Professional Liability


And Much More...



A focus on Customer Service has become somewhat of a cliché with most companies now-a-days. We would not have been able to maintain a thriving business in a small town in Western Wisconsin for all these years if we did NOT truly care about our customers and try to provide them with the best possible insurance solutions available.